Inscription Collection Inspiration & Production

Inscription Collection Inspiration & Production

The story of the collection

This collection, reminiscent of the strong and lasting side of the ancestor to the popular world under the influence of "Aged Silver" inspired by the "Orhun Inscriptions", the first Turkish history texts engraved on stones. Orhun Inscriptions among the first ones after Tartaria Tablets attract attention, target permanence and bring the past and future together with the unique artifacts.

Design stage

Inscription Collection was designed by engraving the letters A and W to the inscription concept for the first time by Atolyewolf, a Turkish trademark that was inspired by the "Orhun Inscriptions" that mentioned Turks and being Turk for the first time. This feature you do not notice at the first look is the most important aspect of the unique design as a whole.

The collection whose first step was to draw a long chain and trending rectangular bar pendant was completed with a bangle bracelet that is the assertive product of season and the "measurable ring" one of the men's first jewelries. What is out of the ordinary is that Atolyewolf paints the print of collection in black fine Italian skin in order to reflect that the collection and capture the look of aging and offers a outstanding alternative for customers who want to use silver and leather together in the collection.


The distinguishing feature of this collection produced from Solid 925kt Silver is its beautiful way of reflecting the style of aged silver. Coşkun Güneş, who has a big share in the design of this collection, whose drawing and producing lasted for about a month, has worked with Armağan Hamdi who is precious with his pen in drawing and Cihan Yılmaz who is a master of handicraft in production. The team that provided the shapes and letters in the inscriptions with a special paint, made a long time experiment to catch the older look of silver. At the end, the formula for the product's production phase is completed after the unique formula has been achieved.

Presentation and Usage

After the drawing and production have been completed, the products were sent to the studio to complete product shoots to reflect the natural appearance and unique products are presented for your appreciation. You can use "Inscription Collection" products that can be combined in two opposite styles like Casual and Classy and also by matching with Oxide Staple Black Leather Bracelet of Atolyewolf Jewellery.

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