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Article: Star Collection Inspiration & Production

Star Collection Inspiration & Production

Star Collection Inspiration & Production

The Story of The Collection

This star, which is an important symbol for the fashion industry and human life, unlike other stars; has been designed with geometric shapes such as triangle nicely paired with brand logo (A W), reflects the original and different perspective of Atolyewolf. Atolyewolf, which always has unique and different designs, has made a distinctive difference in this collection by designing the star with the letters of the brand A and W.


Design State

Our designing team; decided to create a star collection in line with the demands and trends of the users. The team that created the draft designs before; started to work to add difference to these designs. The designers who are attentive to use the brand's logo or letters on each product decided to integrate the logo or A W letters into the star.

Atolyewolf, which places geometric shapes on or inside the designs, created the star with the letters A and W and by making use of geometric shapes. The star, which they wanted it to have a three-dimensional and pyramid-like structure, took its current form as a result of the designs.

The collection, which was previously decided it to be a necklace, a bracelet and a ring, was expanded after customer demands. The team, that creates the wristbands in which matte onyx for a natural look is used, and ring that is blended with the oval structure, wanted to do a different work in necklace design. The star, which is placed in an oval structure, was designed by placing a star on an oval structure by adding volume to it.




The transition from design to production is the most crucial step of the work. Because sometimes it may not be possible to produce the desired design. The necklace that the designers worked on was one of them. After the works, it was understood that this necklace could be produced by combining only a few pieces by hand. The product, which can be designed as 925 sterling silver oval structure, cover and star without coating for clarity, is completed as a result of combining those things by the hands of the masters. As for the chain of the necklace, the 70 cm thin dodge model, which is also oval and can be adapted to the oval structure and, was used.

Presentation and Usage

The Star Collection, which consists of designs that can adapt to any style, was admired among its users. The collection, which has become the choice of many celebrities in the world, has been selected as the best-selling design of 2019. We are delighted to present you the Star Collection, which has become the determinant product of the Atolyewolf brand, and we are very happy that you all liked it.

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