Model photo shoots for our new designs of 2021 Collections has been completed.
You can find fabulous details of products on models in Lookbook category.
Inscription Bangle
Regular price 1,499.00 TL 999.00 TL
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Inscription Ring
Regular price 629.00 TL 429.00 TL
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Inscription Necklace
Regular price 899.00 TL 699.00 TL
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Chain Necklace in Silver
Regular price 769.00 TL 599.00 TL
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Chain Bangle in Silver
Regular price 1,199.00 TL 899.00 TL
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Double Chain Ring in Silver
Regular price 649.00 TL 499.00 TL
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Single Chain Ring in Silver
Regular price 449.00 TL 349.00 TL
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Red Chance Bracelet
Regular price 269.00 TL
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Layers Necklace in Oxide
Regular price 549.00 TL 399.00 TL
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