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Article: Atolyewolf’s Natural Stones and Their Meanings

Atolyewolf’s Natural Stones and Their Meanings

Atolyewolf’s Natural Stones and Their Meanings

Onyx: (Stone of Health) With its own energy, it refreshes our energy against diseases and helps our body to gain power. It is known that it affects positively to the people who have lack of concentration. It has a balancing effect between the relationship of man and woman. It is compatible with the leo and capricorn.

Lapis Lazuli: (Stone of Mental Cleansing) It helps in psychological treatments. It is effective to learn and teach easily by building eloquence. It decreases anxiety and gives vitality. It is compatible with sagittarius and libra.

Malachite: (Stone of Energy) It helps body to relieve pain. It aids body in cleaning the negative energy  due to the copper conductor it contains. By removing fear and panic, it increases courage and willingness. It is compatible with Scorpio and Capricorn.

Tiger’s Eye: (Stone of Force) It helps for neck and migraine pain. It acts as a catalyst in the subconscious cleanse. It helps all organs to work in harmony. It provides liveliness, vitality and stamina. It is compatible with gemini, scorpio, capricorn and cancer.

Hematite: (Stone of Joint) It regulates the energy within and around the body. It has therapeutic effects for the arthalgia and rheumatic pain due to its conductibility. It ensures that the person is at peace with themselves. It is compatible with aquarius and aries.

Amethyst Stone: (Stone of Positive Energy) It helps in removing the negative energy from the body and helps us to generate positive energy. It aids in quitting alcohol, drugs and smoking. It is also used in meditation. It is compatible with pisces, aries, cancer, scorpion and sagittrius.

Howlite: (Stone of Stress Relief) It helps to calm down, get rid of obsessions and the impact of your past life during stressful times. It prevents anger and frustiration, helps to overcome obstacles. It is compatible with all zodiac signs.

Jasper: (Stone of Life Force) It increases life force with its energy. It aids in healing the liver. The most important feature of this stone is to help people gain credibility. It increases masculine properties in men and provides hormonal balance. It is compatible with aries, leo, virgo, and capricorn.

Obsidian: (Stone of Protection) It has a balancing feature. It helps to correct the imbalance within the body and between relationships. It creates a set of with its protective feature against negative electricity coming from outside. It is compatible with scorpio, virgo and capricorn.

Sodalite: (Stone of Logic) It is the stone of logic, mind and nirvana. It balances blood pressure and helps to share emotions easily. It increases brain power. It is compatible with sagitrius.

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